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Tool Profile: The Hub

Nah “The Hub” isn’t a tool. But When I list out all the different tools I use I realise that it sound super intimidating and if you’d told me, even 5 years ago, that I’d be keeping up with so many different things all at once I wouldn’t have believed you. But there is one magic ingredient that makes it all work and it’s what I call “The Hub”.

This post was originally written back in September 2018 and no longer reflects exactly the apps or tasks I prioritise right now. But that’s not important!

I have one master list that contains everything. I mean it doesn’t actually contain everything but it references everything. For me this is Habitica (and I’ll go into detail about how Habitica works in a later post if you’re unfamiliar with it). But I have tasks in Habitica that reference the other tools that I use.

Things like

  • Check and Update Calendar
  • Update BuJo
  • Update Clue
  • Reach x-steps on Fitbit
  • Reach Karma Goal on Todoist

So I don’t have a bunch of different things I’m mentally trying to remind myself to update every evening. I have ONE list. And some of the things on that list tell me to check lists in other apps.

So why not just use one app? Well I haven’t ever found an app that does everything the way I want. I need a calendar and Google Calendar works really well… but if I add absolutely everything to my calendar as reminders it’s too much and too overwhelming. The tasks on Google are… not good enough (or weren’t last time I used them) especially for repeating or daily tasks. If I have all my daily tasks in a task list with my other todo stuff the list is too big and I can’t look at it. 

By breaking stuff up in this way I seem to be able to mentally cope better than looking at once enormous list of stuff. 

So if you’ve struggled to keep up with a calendar or a todo-list or a habit tracker because it didn’t do EVERYTHING or it quickly became too overwhelming to even open because ARGH… Try “The Hub”. Maybe you make a paper bullet journal as your hub. Or todoist. Or trello. Or something else! I don’t think it matters. Something you’ll enjoy using and use regularly and can keep your list small and manageable. 

What do you think? Do you do something similar already? What’s your “Hub”?