i make things


Back in November 2018 I released Should – a twine thing, on

It’s free to play and isn’t a game so much as a thought exercise on avoidance. Writing it actually really helped me do some things and I still think through it when I am avoiding things although I don’t play through it very often any more.

I hope you enjoy it!


Oh, it’s a website

You may or may not know but I used to make websites for a living. So is it surprising that it’s taken me so long to get a website for myself up and running? Of course not! After 10 years of it being my job it’s pretty hard to feel motivated to do all that for free.

But here it is! It’s not much right now (and a WHOLE BUNCH OF DEFAULTS). But It’s a thing! Something is better than nothing?

I spent a lot of time a while back coding some cog shapes in css without using any images. Probably I will… not use that.